Maple IELTS College is the best IELTS coaching institute in Ludhiana, where you can improve faster than any other module. It’s sort of putting in minimum effort and getting maximum output.

So, if you are targeting a high overall score, this is the module you can target to uplift the overall score. But you need to know the strategies for having an amazing score in listening. This article paves the way for your listening success in IELTS Listening.

Familiarize yourself with a range of accents

In your IELTS preparation, it’s intuitive that you practice as much as possible for a better score. It would not be a problem for many candidates if the audio clips were in one fixed accent. In that case, practicing one particular accent over and over again would ease the exam quite a lot for the candidates.

However, to demonstrate the international nature of the test, IELTS incorporates a variety of accents. The listening test involves a British accent (Southern England, Northern England, Scotland and Wales), North American Accent (Northern USA, Southern USA and Canada), Australian Accent, Kiwi Accent and South African Accent.

Read the instructions in each part carefully

Unfortunately, with lack of instructions, numerous candidates make mistakes in transferring the answers properly, resulting in despair when the result is out. For example, sometimes “ONE WORD ONLY” is written in the instructions.

Someone overlooking this instruction has a high chance of writing more than one word on the answer sheet and getting it incorrect at the end. Again, when “NO more than TWO words” is written on the answer sheet, you are not supposed to exceed two words.

Some candidates write up to three words, whereas they can pick the correct answers. But they will still get fewer marks than their expectations. It’s merely because they failed to abide by the instructions.

Get used to listening to two people talking at a time

In each part of the listening paper, you’d not listen to the same number of speakers. In Part-1, for example, you will get to listen to two speakers having a dialogue. But in Part-3, you might listen to up to 4 speakers talking simultaneously.

So, unless you are mentally ready for it, and ideally trained for it by your regular practice, you might find it hard to extract the right answers out of the bunch of speakers having a conversation at a time.

Conclusion: Maple IELTS institute providing the best IELTS listening coaching can greatly benefit individuals who are looking to improve their listening skills for the IELTS test. Maple Institute should have experienced teachers who are familiar with the IELTS listening format and can provide students with relevant listening materials and practice exercises.