Maple IELTS College is the best IELTS coaching institute in Ludhiana that helps students improve their listening score language skills at the fundamental level between you and your dream. Now, do you know what is the barrier between a good score and a poor score? Practice makes all the difference. But the wrong way to practice can lead you to an unexpected score and thus make you frustrated. So what’s most important? Of course, practice, and then comes the proper strategy of practice. This blog will help you learn tips and tactics for boosting your IELTS Listening score.

Some tips for improving your IELTS Listening Score

  • Predict the possible answers

If you compare a band 6 holder with a band 8 holder, this is one of the major aspects found in band 8 holders. I achieved 8.5 in listening on my test. And I have noticed that the better prediction skills I can gain, the easier it is. The question arises of how to predict. For this.

  • Practice paraphrasing

If you claim that IELTS is a game of paraphrasing, I will not possibly mind giving you 9 out of 10. Whether in reading or in listening, your ability to recognize paraphrasing can increase the possibility of a high band two-fold.

  • Check word limit when answering

Notwithstanding the fact that you have pointed out the right answer, you have to stay frustrated unless you check the word limit mentioned in the instructions.

No one will want to miss marks by just being a bit less aware of the word limit. Always do circle the word limit before starting jumping onto the questions. In fact, this can save you from any unexpected band score.

  • Complete practice tests on a regular basis

Can you imagine what would happen if a human had everything but a brain? Could this be enough for being an accomplished human? Presumably NO. Even if you have hands, eyes, legs, and everything else except for the brain, everything will be in vain.