Maple IELTS College is the best IELTS coaching institute in Ludhiana. Even the evaluation processes for both tests are worlds apart. PTE- A uses artificial intelligence to award scores (offering an unbiased and error-free approach), whereas IELTS is evaluated manually. Other differences include which one’s more widely accepted, what the costs are involved, the number of tests allowed annually, and more.

The IELTS Advantages:

  • Accurate assessment, in a monitored, consistent and secure environment.
  • Clearly defined Test criteria.
  • Certificated examiners/ panel of language specialists, with substantial relevant teaching experience
  • General topics of testing, easy to understand questionnaire format, a fair chance to answer maximum questions.
  • The practical approach focuses on daily communication abilities.
  • Choice of 2 test types:  academic and non-academic
  • A unique opportunity for a one-on-one, face-to-face speaking test that recognises the human aspect of your communication skill and not just grammar or content of the answers.
  • Extensively researched diversity sensitive test designs for candidates from different cultures and origins.
  • A double marking system to standardise significant differences in writing, speaking, reading and listening scores.
  • Reassessment option by senior examiner.
  • Online result verification service.

The PTE Advantages:

  • Artificial Intelligence based Unbiased Evaluation

Your English language skills are assessed by an algorithm checking out a substantial number of previous responses, eliminating any form of human bias.

  • Fast results

PTE uses market leading scoring technology to give incredibly fast results, typically within just 48 hours of taking the test in more than 350 test centres in over 70 countries.

  • Free Unlimited score linking 

PTE proudly sends your scores to as many organizations as you like, without an additional fee which helps in fast-track acceptance for study and migration applications globally.

Conclusion: Believe in yourself and prepare well. Remember it is not only the test you choose, but also your foundation of good English that will fetch you high scores and bring you that one step closer to realising your dreams.