The Writing module is the hardest of the four, according to numerous assessments on the IELTS modules. The writing part of the IELTS exam is considered the hardest. It could appear on necessary English proficiency examinations like the IELTS or in-school exams. Additionally, the markings in this section are unclear.

About IELTS Writing

IELTS Writing refers to two assignments that must be completed in 60 minutes. Given that the outcome of the second task decides the exam’s final grade, it is advised that you devote 40 minutes to it and 20 minutes to the very first task. 


For all international applicants, the IELTS Writing portion is typically the most challenging of the exam’s other components, hence it demands the most meticulous preparation.

Writing Tips For The IELTS

There are several IELTS writing section tips available. Logic, common sense, and practice will cover much of what we are about to explore, but there is also a body of skill and understanding at work here. Let’s look at the advice we have for the IELTS writing section now.

Do you have essay writing skills?

Since writing is the focus of this entire area of the IELTS, it is advisable to ask this question immediately. Are you able to express your ideas clearly, and are you aware of how an essay is put together? 


Here is a short guide:


  • Introduce the subject or prompt effectively in the introduction. Give a clear transition from the introduction to the body paragraphs, and do not spend too much time doing so.


  • Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the body You’ll be able to clearly organize your thoughts with the aid of these paragraphs. You must provide relevant, convincing examples to support your arguments. Generally speaking, it’s best to limit paragraphs to a single idea. You must always make a smooth, logical transition from one paragraph to the next. Make sure they are logically and appropriately related.


  • Moreover, in conclusion, a strong warm-up will help you a lot. It is very crucial for Task 2. Summarize your arguments and support what you said in the body paragraphs. Reread the question and make sure your response is clear.


After reading the question, your mind is probably buzzing with ideas. Plan your essay with them as a team. Write down the key ideas and instances that come to mind for roughly five minutes. These concepts and considerations are essential to your manuscript. Clarity when writing the essay results from planning it carefully. One of the most crucial pieces of advice available is this.

Abstain from repetition and use punctuation

The IELTS grades your essay according to four criteria: task achievement, cohesiveness, grammatical variety and reliability, and lexical resource. Lexical resources cover a variety of vocabulary, accurate spelling, word structure, and proper punctuation. 


Avoid using uninteresting, repeated words in your writing because doing so makes the examiner believe that you don’t understand the language well. Instead, inject some personality into your language.


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